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Caravan Conversations

Season 1, Episode 2 · 8 months ago

Its up to us to explore the mystery


Welcome to week two. In this excerpt, David has encountered someone who is claiming to tell people their life mission. He reflects on how the work of Caravan does not do this and that is up to each of us to explore the mystery of who we are.

Welcome to the caravan of remembering. A year of living dangerously is a year long offering based on the book the caravan of remembering that provides a sort of kindling for your body, mind, hard and soul to light up your exploration of your life's mission. Hi James, welcome to week two. Thanks, Chrissa. Looking forward to it me too. All right, I'll begin with some intro here from the caravan of remembering. So just to give you a little bit of background. In this excerpt, David has encountered someone who is claiming to tell people their life mission. He reflects on how the work of caravan does not do this and it is up to each of us to explore the mystery of who we are. What happened next was foreign to everything I understood of life, mission work in Caravan. Everything I experienced in caravan was based on self discovery, as long as it takes. I never once witnessed...

Cairos M Arnan, savey tree, baby or June tell someone what was true for their life mission. I didn't remember them telling anyone anything at all about why they were in the horizontal world or what they were to do in it. I was certain that in Caravan, verity knew what our life missions were. She never told us, though she did her best to move us to remember. That is our assignment, I thought, to find out for ourselves. I've been told several times that I might not succeed in this. At no time was I ever led to believe I would be rescued in this. There's a couple of phrases there that that really stood out for me. One was the one that said I might not succeed in this, and I never was led to believe that I'd be rescued in this as well. So it really is this exploring the mystery of who we are, and I come back... this when I'm looking at how life does its best to move us to remember. For me, that's a conversation with life. It's it's my life, like my life is my partner in this. It's my partner in terms of you know, there's experiences that are happening and if I look at if I look at my life, my whole of my life, as as my as my collaborator, my co Creator, my collaborator, I feel that life wants me to remember my life mission and it is providing opportunities and experiences that that encourage me to find out for myself. Yes, it's our assignment. It's, you know, why we came here in this world at this time. Are Agreement and to remember that. And you know, it does feel..., well, why didn't I just know coming in and I could just do it? It's who I'm meant to become in in the exploration, in the doing of my life. It's taking an integrating all of those experiences that I'm having in life around the reason why I'm here. And if I don't know the reason why I'm here and I'm working through the experiences with that question, that life mission inquiry, running as a constant companion, life becomes an adventure like for me, a discovery and explorations. Oh So, why am I drawn to that, whereas the person I'm with is not drawn to that? What is it about me and my experiences and how I change and how I grow and how I evolve through those experiences? That may be different.

Well, definitely would be different from you. There's things that we share and things that that we have different interests and like to find out for myself and to find out for myself in conversation with life it's bringing my awareness to the conversation with life. That's where I go with this, with this question, and and knowing that it's within the container, it's within the bigger conversation of of why I'm here what it calls me to do. Yeah, I love this thing of life. What you know, what you were saying. I really resonate with life is wanting us to remember. And you know, I certainly have had in my own life times where I wanted someone else to tell me my life mission and I was looking for people to tell me. Maybe...

...there's a bit of desperation, there are a sense of that and not having a way to really be in conversation about that. So people appear who say I can tell you why you're here, and I believe there are many good systems out there that can have clues for us, and it's so empowering to me to feel that there is something only I really can know and put together about why I'm here and who I'm here to become. That feels empowering to me and it's also daunting in a way of saying, okay, Hey, yeah, I I need to be in this conversation. This is not a conversation for just tell me the thing and I'll do it. It's a conversation of exploration and really being in our lives, which I feel brings more aliveness anyways. So I just I love this reminder in Caravan of remembering that there is at no point of time when someone else is going to tell us this... what your life mission is in. This is certainly true. As guides, one of our core principles is really we're not here to tell somebody why they're here. We're here to be with people on that journey, in that exploration, offering some sign posts and reflective questions. Yeah, we do what we can to help people remember, as we ourselves are going through the same journey. That's right. Yeah, thanks, Chrissa, thanks James. Thank you for listening to this episode of a year of living dangerously. If you're new to the PODCAST, please head over to our website, caravan of Rememberingcom, where you can subscribe to this podcast, learn more about the caravan remembering or check out our offerings. If you think of someone who'd benefit from this podcast, please do share it with them. Thank you again for listening. Bye for now.

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