Caravan Conversations

Caravan Conversations

By Carissa Kazyss, James Tousignant


When “why” is the question we are asking at 3am and life is at a crossroads it would be nice if someone would come to us with a sign from Spirit. It would be so nice to have that kind of certainty about destiny and not just live in the tides of fate. It would be comforting to know what’s expected of us, why we are here and what that calls us to do.

It is a mystery, and we are called to be present with it. We are called to bring what we are best able to bring to our life. We are called to remember.

As an expedition of the heart, Caravan Conversations, based on the book Caravan of Remembering by Daniel Goodenough, offers a way to ‘remember’ a deeper place inside that can then bloom in your life.There is a value in even the smallest gesture when our hearts remember. It does make a difference. Welcome to the Caravan of Remembering.